January 17, 2008

Who would be an organiser?

One has to feel sympathy for tournament organisers as the first day of the big event gets closer. Joint chairmen of the organising committee of the Glynhill Ladies International, set to begin at 09.00 tomorrow (Friday), are Judith McFarlane and Kirsty Letton. It's a new event, let's hope all goes well.

So, did it? With a couple of teams already here and safely at the headquarters hotel, today was the big day for those involved with the transportation. Ranald Findlay and Andrew Cousar have that remit. Seven teams and their entourages were due for pickup at various times of the day at Glasgow and Prestwick airports. All the arrangements were in place.

Then, at lunchtime, news comes in of a major incident at Heathrow. A plane has crashed on landing and the airport is closed. Air travel in the country is severely disrupted. Yes, everyone is grateful that there were no fatalities. But where are all the curling teams?

As I write this, at 22.00 on Thursday night, the Swiss team is safely on route to Glasgow .... by road! Team Jensen from Denmark are expected in after midnight. Where though are the three Russian teams? Will the morning draws need to be rescheduled. Will the organisers enjoy a good night's sleep?

I'll tell you tomorrow!

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