January 30, 2008

Do YOU want to influence the future of curling in Scotland?

The governing body of curling in Scotland, the Royal Caledonian Curling Club, regularly comes in for criticism from all manner of people and for all sorts of reasons. Are you one of the critics? Could you make a difference? If you simply feel that you could contribute to how our sport is governed, then here is your opportunity!

The Royal Club is overseen by a Board of Directors - that's them in the photo above. Two of the elected director positions fall vacant in June. These are currently held by Mike Ferguson (who is the Chairman) and Jeanette Johnston.

Both Mike and Jeanette are eligible to stand for re-election, although at the moment we do not know if they will do so. The Board is seeking additional candidates to stand for these positions. Could this be YOU? Details of how to apply can be found here. February 14 is the closing date for applications.

Back L-R: Lockhart Steele, Anne Malcolm, Irene Hird, Bob Tait
Front: Colin Grahamslaw (CEO), Tommy Hinnigan (RCCC President), Mike Ferguson and Jeanette Johnston.

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