January 20, 2008

Playoffs at the Glynhill

So who were the protagonists who won the right to play at 8.0am Sunday morning at Braehead in the first Glynhill Ladies Curling International? Who progressed to the semis? Find the results here.

Team of the weekend award goes to Gail Munro, Lyndsay Wilson, Karen Addison and Annie Laird. Undefeated and still going strong!

Eve Muirhead (above), Kerry Barr, Vicki Adams and Sarah Macintyre. Good performance from this junior rink.

Anna Hasselborg's junior team from Sweden gave a good account of themselves, but Sunday morning's game was just an end too much. I played against her dad, Michael, in the Silver Broom in 1983! Just thought I'd mention it.

Gillian Howard and her team are playing with such confidence - wanting too to show just what an unsupported team can do, given the opportunity! Well deserve their place in the semis.

Sarah Reid and Edith Loudon here at auditions for Women in Black 2. Will Smith is in negotiations for a cameo role. The supporters in the bar are hoping to be cast as aliens. Seriously though, what other sport in the world would allow two teams dressed identically, in black, to compete against each other. It's a nonsense. It is making the sport look stupid. It has to stop. RCCC, Scottish Institute of Sport, Glynhill Organisers, Umpires, WCT-e, WCF, anybody... ARE YOU LISTENING? (Glad I got that off my chest. New Year Resolution - say what you really think, Bob).

Nearly forgot, the Loudon team are still contenders for the big prize today! Having a good weekend.

Kelly Wood, Jackie Lockhart, Lorna Vevers and Lindsay Wood are working away!

Ludmilla Privivkova, much to the disappointment of her many fans on the organising committee, made the quarters but not the semis, downed by the Wood machine.

Mind you, there were forces other than physical at work in the Braehead rink this morning. Can you spot the fourth Russian in this picture. (No it's not umpire Ian Addison.) Look top right, on the poster board! It's the WCF promotional poster (below) with the lovely Anastassia Skoultan, sadly no longer competing (it's a long story). Note to Les Harrison. Time for a new WCF promotional poster. Suggestion, get Ana Arce to chose a model (anybody else missing the Fire on Ice calendar this year?). Suggestion to Ana, a certain Hungarian skip might be a good choice. And yes, look forward to Helen Wilson's article about Ildiko in the February Scottish Curler magazine. Find out how to subscribe here.

All pics by Bob. Update late tonight. It's been a fun weekend.

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