January 18, 2008

Rhona Martin has new job

Well, the first award of the weekend must go to Binia Feltscher-Beeli's Swiss team. That's them above. Stranded at Heathrow yesterday afternoon, they perceived a solution. Hire a car and drive to Braehead! What commitment! Arriving late last night, they got picked up at the Hertz returns office by the Glynhill committee transportation team. No luggage, but they were carrying their curling gear, so a quick trip into Braehead's shops this morning, then borrow some brushes, and they were ready to go. Well done girls!

That's the good news. The bad? Their opposition wasn't here. The three Russian teams didn't make it off the ground last night, but the latest news is they are on their way. Draws have been rescheduled. The Glynhill Ladies International competition is underway. You can find the results here.

And Rhona? I thought that might get your attention. What does a retired Olympic Champion do when the big events continue without her. See the evidence below!

Panic, what panic? Co-chairman Kirsty Letton with World Champ Kelly Scott.

Arriva is helping out with the transportation of teams from the Glynhill Hotel to the Braehead Rink. Here's Rhona Martin behind the wheel with Shari Leibbrandt and her team from the Netherlands.

Pics by Bob.

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