January 15, 2008

Kay gets the call

Kay Adams, who skips one of the country's top junior teams (photo here) has been invited to play in Dordi Nordby's Norwegian side at the Glynhill International at Braehead which begins on Thursday.

Kay joins Dordi, Marianne Roervik and Camilla Holt. Their first game is against Anna Hasselborg's Swedes in Section B (which includes Kelly Wood and her team) at 09.00 Friday.

The top photo is of Kay from last season's Scottish Junior Championships (photo by Bob). The photo of Dordi is from the World Women's Championship at the Lagoon Centre, Paisley, in 2005 and was taken by Richard Gray. It is legacy funding from that event which is allowing the new WCT-e Glynhill event to get off the ground this year.

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