October 22, 2007

Adams' team win again

Kay Adams, Annie Barr, Megan Priestley and Nicola MacDonald made it a great ten days when they beat local team Rebecca Kesley, Abigail Brown, Mhairi Baird and Gina Aitken in the Dunvegan Competition at Murrayfield. Team Adams won the Kinross Classic last weekend.

In the junior men's competition, Jay McWilliam, Struan Wood, Colin Smith and Rory McPherson faced Ally Fraser’s Inverness team of Colin Howden, Blair Fraser and Grant Fraser in the final. It was a tight game, which hinged on a fateful last end. Jay’s front end put on the short stones and they had a stone on the button. In the meantime, Ally’s team were piling stones into the house and Jay’s single counter was looking lonelier and lonelier! Step forward Ally’s third player, Colin Howden, who played a magnificent skinny double takeout to completely change the end. As Jay went to play his last his team was looking at the situation in the photo below! There were no miracles and Fraser's team took the title.

Top: Megan Priestley, Annie Barr, Nicola MacDonald, Kay Adams
Above: Blair Fraser, Grant Fraser, Ally Fraser, Colin Howden
Photos and report courtesy of Robin Copland.

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i think the persn on the far left is a little bit strange. it is just the way i feel.