October 15, 2007

Classic curling at Kinross

On my way north to Pitlochry yesterday I stopped off at the Kinross rink to see a little of the morning play in the Kinross Junior Classic 2007. They make a mean bacon buttie at the rink too!

Anyway, I watched the quarterfinals of the sixteen team junior men's event. Some great curling was on show. There were only six entries for the junior women's event. But what I saw there was encouraging too.

If you want to read the report, Robin Copland will have this in the November Scottish Curler. He writes enthusiastically about Kay Adams' last stone draw to the button to beat Anna Sloan's team. Kay lined up with Annie Barr, Megan Priestley and Nicola MacDonald.

In the men's final Lindsay Gray, Michael Goodfellow, Peter Macintyre and Ian Copland defeated Graeme Black's side in a close game.

I would have liked to have seen the Classic finals, but yesterday the Scottish Senior Mixed beckoned, and, having not yet perfected the art of being in two places at the one time, I headed north suitably refreshed. Yes, curling clubs with good ice and tasty bacon rolls are just where the Editor likes to be!

Top: Ian Copland, Michael Goodfellow and Peter Macintyre work Lindsay Gray's stone into the four foot. Above: Nicola MacDonald and Megan Priestley sweep Annie Barr's stone as Kay Adams calls line. Photos by Bob Cowan.

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