October 25, 2007

Rhona in UKSport's Elite Coach programme

UK Sport today unveiled the identities of seven coaches singled out for development, and Rhona Martin is one of the names. The UK’s high-performance sports organisation revealed the 2007 intake of its innovative ‘Elite Coach’, which aims to accelerate the development of the nation’s most exciting coaching prospects. Rhona is the first coach from the sport of curling to be included in the programme.

The scheme will see tailor-made programmes developed for each of the seven coaches, which will not only allow them to develop their technical skills by working with and observing the best in action, but also to develop the leadership skills which are the hallmark of the best operators in high-performance environments in the world of sport, business, industry and the arts.

Colin Grahamslaw, Royal Caledonian Curling Club CEO commented, “We are delighted that Rhona has been selected for UK Sport’s Elite Coach programme. The opportunities that this offers her are tremendous and the athletes Rhona is working with in the West Institute now and in the future will benefit from the experiences she receives through the programme.”

The coaches named today are : Alex Perry (Table Tennis), Stefan Trofan (Table Tennis), Audrey Cooper (Volleyball), Rick Velati (Triathlon), Mark Wood (Bob-Skeleton), Paul Green (Taekwondo) as well as Rhona. UK Sport hopes that the £500,000 per year programme will have over fifty elite British coaches by 2012.

The full press release can be found here.

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