October 09, 2007

British Curling website launched

British Curling Ltd has launched its website: www.britishcurling.com. The press release states simply, "The website will keep curling fans and sports enthusiast abreast of new developments within British Curling, including latest news and information on Britain’s top curlers."

There is a fair bit of content on the site already and British Curling Chairman Chris Hildrey says, "As programmes build and the depth of delivery increases then the site will become more multi functional both in terms of information content and information management."

An initial glitch on the site where the UK Sport supported athletes were listed as Olympic athletes has already been corrected. The Olympic squads have not been selected yet. Registrations of interest have been saught from curlers with Olympic aspirations for Vancouver 2010. This process closed on September 30.

British Curling's performance plan is described here, and see also Curling Today's previous post about the plan here.

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