October 15, 2007

Scottish Mixed Seniors Championship

The Atholl rink in Pitlochry yesterday had an air of familiarity about it. No, I don't mean the warm and hospitable welcome that all visitors receive there. Check out the picture above. You might have seen it last year .... or even the year before!

Yes, Tommy Campbell, Isobel Waddell, Jim Waddell and Margaret Robertson won the Famous Grouse Mixed Seniors Championship for the third time! The team edged past Lindsay Scotland's side in the semi, then overwhelmed (I think that's the best word) David Hird, Irene Hird, Arthur Beattie and Catherine Beattie in the final.

Three years in a row! What a team, what a record! Congratulations to all.

L-R: Jim Waddell, Isobel Waddell, Tommy Campbell (skip), Margaret Robertson

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