October 28, 2007

Team Murdoch for Fussen

Now here's the story. End one - Warwick Smith loses a four to Gordon Muirhead. The only positive to that is, if you are going to lose a four, then the first end is the best end to lose it in. But it was going to be an uphill battle and it only went seven ends when Warwick conceded, down 10-4.

On the adjacent sheet Tom Brewster and his team of Hammy McMillan, Ron Brewster and Colin Campbell were playing their best game of the weekend. David Murdoch and his team were on top form too - it was a pity that it didn't really matter. With Warwick getting beaten, Murdoch was going to Germany anyway. Still it was enthralling to watch. It was just everything a great game of curling should be. David drew the button to save losing a two at the sixth, Tom did likewise at the seventh. The sides were in the eighth when Warwick conceded on the next sheet, so with the score at peels at 5-5, they shoot hands!

David Murdoch, Graeme Connal, Pete Smith and Euan Byers will be Scotland's representatives at the European Championships.

Top: L-R Euan, David, Pete, Graeme
Above: David Murdoch delivery; Hammy shouts as David and Graeme watch; Tom Brewster
Photos by Bob Cowan

PS Final verdict on the ice. Good! You could play curling on it, and that's how it should be in every rink in Scotland! Pity it's not. Yes, I am getting old and crabbity. Well done to the Scottish Institute of Sport for arranging to bring Hans Wuthrich across. The staff at Perth certainly took the opportunity to learn from him.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the score updates during the weekend. It was a lovely surprise, thought we were going to have to wait ll Monday morning