October 18, 2007

Curling from a Wheelchair

The World Curling Federation has released a promotional DVD about wheelchair curling. This has come about because the organising committee of the successful World Wheelchair Curling Championships at Braehead in 2005 sought to build on the success created. They approached the WCF who had sourced partial funding from the International Paralympic Committee and agreed to jointly fund the production of the DVD entitiled ‘Curling from a Wheelchair’ which highlights the passion achieved and shows how wheelchair curlers are rightfully very proud of their achievements.

The five minute presentation is the creation of Kirsty Letton and Michael McCreadie, with help and advice from Kenny More of Elite Sports Analysis and Alison Stevenson and Alistair Wilson of Stable Recordings.

Kate Caithness, Vice President of the World Curling Federation, has written the foreward on the cover of the DVD. She says, "Like all other sports, we play the game for the love of it, but achievements gain recognition and drive participants to progress in their chosen sport. It is very pleasing to see the sport develop significantly on the International Stage. The enclosed DVD demonstrates everything we hoped to achieve."

It certainly does that. The DVD is interesting, informative, exciting, uplifting and funny. Check it out when you can! I would expect that it will appear on YouTube soon enough, but it is great on the big screen.

Copies of the DVD can be sourced through each WCF Member Association and here in Scotland through the SWCA or Kirsty Letton on 01292 319407 or k.letton /at/ canna.demon.co.uk.

Elsewhere in the wheelchair curling world, the rink in Prague is the venue for the 3rd International Wheelchair Curling Tournament this weekend, October 19-21. Scotland, Canada, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, and the Czech Republic are taking part. Tom Killin skips the Scottish four with Aileen Neilson, Rosemary Lenton and Angie Malone.

This photo of Tom Killin practising at Braehead is by Bob Cowan.

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