October 17, 2007

Scots teams in Bern

Three Scots teams are among the thirty-two which line up for the Bern Open this coming weekend. David Murdoch's side and John Hamilton's team are on the ice at 8 am on Friday. Warwick Smith's team have a long lie by comparison with a 10.30 start. All three face local Swiss opposition. The WCT-e event will be run as a triple knockout.

The results will be found here.

Eve Muirhead's team are also in action in the Zurich Women's Masters. I haven't found a link to a website yet but will try to find out how they get on.

Today's question? How big a curling nerd are you? Have you watched the complete game between David Murdoch and Ralph Stoeckli, when they met in the final of the Swiss Cup in Basel recently? It can be watched through the U1TV archive, easily accessed from the link on the WCT-e website here.

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Kytt said...

Hello I'm Kytt from Italy. I'm looking for the results of the games of today but on the website there's no results... how can I find it?