October 27, 2007

Loudon v Wood at Perth

As I write this, Kelly Wood and her team are two thirds of the way to Fussen. An extra end victory last night, and a close game this morning, leaves Lindsay Wood, Lorna Vevers, Jackie Lockhart and Kelly Wood needing just one more win to see them as Scotland's representatives at the European Championships 2007.

As for the men....... too close to call yet, but I was impressed with David Murdoch's last stone of the game dead draw through a port to the one foot to beat Tom Brewster this morning. We'll see what happens. The curling is great. Ice is good. And if you get bored you can always go and look at the exhibits in the flower arranging conference that's running in parralel with the curling at the Dewar's Centre this weekend!

Top: Team Wood in action.
Above: Coach Sheila Swan on a timeout with Team Loudon at 11pm last night! And no, this is NOT a caption competition!

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