October 28, 2007

Murdoch or Smith for Europeans

Five games gone and it's down to two teams, one of which will be Scotland's representatives at the European Championships in Fussen in December. This morning's session was marred by frosty ice, lots of pickups and questions on whether the Perth rinks dehumidifiers had been working satisfactory overnight, with the warm humid conditions outside.

Team Murdoch was 3-0 up after three ends against Gordon Muirhead's team, and a big three at the seventh finished that game. With one round still to play, Murdoch has four wins, and the event can only be his to lose now.

Brewster's side went head to head with Warwick Smith this morning. Tom was too heavy with a draw attempt at the seventh, gave up two against the head and, 5-1 down, was in a hole. Still, the team fought on with a single at the eighth and a steal at the ninth, and made Warwick play his last stone in the tenth. The Scottish Champion was accurate with his hit to win his third point, and now the Smith rink are the only team able to stop Murdoch. The linescores are here.

Murdoch plays Brewster and Smith is against Muirhead in the last round of games. If Murdoch wins, his team goes to Germany. If he loses and Smith wins, then there will be an extra game tonight.

Above: Warwick Smith considers his options. Photo by Bob Cowan.

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