January 25, 2008

Scotland's representatives at the World Mixed Doubles

It has been a difficult week for Logan Gray, the Scottish Mixed Doubles Curling Champion. His partner in the event, Kelly Wood, has been advised by National Coach Derek Brown that if her team was to win the Columba Cream Gold League she would not be able to go to Vierumaki for the first World Mixed Doubles event. Logan and Kelly won the title at Murrayfield the weekend before Christmas. That report is here.

It was just not practical to wait to see if Team Wood does win the Scottish, so Logan has had to decide whether he should ask another player, or waive his opportunity to compete in Finland. He decided on the latter course of action and informed the Royal Club. The governing body then offered the runners-up at Murrayfield, Dillan Perras and Judith Carr, the chance to go, and they have accepted.

Judith is excited by the prospect. She said that she and Dillan are, "Prouder than you could ever imagine, to represent Scotland in Finland!" And now they are going! The mother and son combination will be great representatives, and if they play like they did at Murrayfield they will do very well indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on going to Finland to represent Scotland. I am sure you's will make them as proud as we are. Good luck from Canada.