January 28, 2008

Aberdeen Invitation update

I've just been asked who won, as the results of the Aberdeen Ladies Invitation are not on the web. Not that Curling Today wishes to become a results service but here is what I have, courtesy of Anne Malcolm.

First place went to Shona Watt (Murrayfield) with Lisa Mackellaich, Abby Brodie and Morven Bridges; second was Claire Hamilton (Lockerbie), Claire Macdonald, Lindsey Spence and Jennifer Priestley; third - Kay Gibb (Aberdeen), Trudie Milne, Phemie Phillip and Janette Graham. In fourth place were Liz Paul (Braehead) with Linda Stevenson, Doreen Mainds and Nanette Davidson. Well done all.

Here are the winners with sponsor Lynne Gerrard (on right). Photo courtesy of Anne Malcolm.
Top photo is Shona Watt by Bob.

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