March 15, 2008

World Seniors: The final games

Kirsty Letton, Judy Mackenzie, Pat Orr and Anne MacDougall faced Diane Foster, Shirley McPherson, Shirley Kohuch and Chris Wilson in the Gold Medal game in the World Seniors Curling Championship in Vierumaki this afternoon.

No need really for details, and you can find the linescore here, but the Canadians always looked the stronger and are the champions. It's Silver Scotland! Well done to our girls.

Switzerland won the bronze in the women's event, by an inch in the last end against Finland.

In the men's final, it was Canada all the way and Sweden did not get on the scoreboard! Per Lindeman had the chance of a three in the fifth, but in going for it he gave the Canadians the shot, and that was the game. Pat Ryan, Marv Wirth, Ken McLean and Millard Evans are the champions.

But what about Graeme Adam, Ken Horton, Stuart Naismith and Alan MacLennan in the Bronze medal game? They fought all the game, after losing a three at the third, to be 5-4 down playing the last without the hammer. They lay the two shots needed for a win, but Graeme's final stone had to curl a little more than it did to make Bill Rhyme's last stone more difficult.

Still, Bill had to hit and stay, and this the US skip did. The USA had the bronze.

To have curled so hard and so well to reach the semis, but to be going home without a medal of any colour, must be so disappointing for the team. Me too, I have to add.

Top: The Scottish women march in to receive their silver medals. Above: The Gold Champions from Canada. Pics by Bob.


Anonymous said...

Thanks once more Bob for keeping us up to date with reports and photos from Sweden and then Finland.Suggest that RCCC might give you a donation towards your expenses.(LARGE)

Morven Gordon said...

I just want to add my thanks to you Bob. I am Pat Orr's daughter and my kids and I have just loved reading the stories and seeing the photos of Granny!!

Judith Carr said...

And didn't their granny do well, so proud of her and the others, my heart could have burst, it was a wonderful thing to share their touch super stars and their medals...