March 27, 2008

Ford World Women's Curling Championship 11

Well, what can you say, in their eighth game Scotland went out on to the ice against Japan on a record of four wins and four losses to Scotland's one win.

It just wasn't working, the team may well be down after what has happened this week, who can tell? But the scoreline tells the story, Japan stole singles in ends three, six and seven, Scotland could put only two singles on the board.

Japan got two in the ninth and Scotland had had enough, they shook hands on a scoreline of 7/2 to Japan.

There's always tomorrow, Italy and the Czech Republic.

You can find all the linescores and statistics here.

The webstreaming coverage of the WWCC2008 that is available to viewers in Europe, Japan, the United States and Canada is listed at: This, of course, is in addition to the TV coverage available, some of which (Eurosport and NHK Japan) is listed here:

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