March 04, 2008

Tuesday Draw 1 WJCC08: Scotland v Norway

Pickups, pickups... I hate them. This was an important game for Glen Muirhead, Scott Macleod, Scott Andrews and Gordon McDougall. It was an early morning start for the boys (and for your intrepid Editor) in what will be/was a long four-draw day!

Against Norway, it was an attacking game right from end one. The Scots gave up three at the second, but came right back with a good two. The fourth and fifth? A tale of two ends. Glen played a great plant to lie two, and the Norwegian skip had to play a perfect draw to the button to save the fourth. The same position faced the Scots with Glen's last stone in the fifth. His draw looked good coming in to the house. Scott called the sweeping off, and the stone promptly picked, and just stopped! The Scots were 6-3 down.

But not out. They took a single in the sixth, and stole perfectly in the seventh. They had a chance to steal again in the eighth, an end where they called two timeouts. But, on a measure, Kristian Rolvsjord's team counted the shot. Nothing went right for the Scots in the ninth, and the game was over.

Pickups... I hate them.

Top photo: Glen and Scott watch as Norway gets excited in the third end.
Above: Gordon and Scott. Pics by Bob.

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