March 04, 2008

Moving pictures from Ostersund!

Curlingkanalen is Swedish for 'Curling Channel' It is the webcasting arm of a company called Livechannel, set up by five self styled 'curling maniacs', Mikael Hasselborg, Berth Brandell, Andreas Skoglund, Mathias Carlsson and Andreas Prytz.

The company started three years ago with one borrowed camera! Here in Ostersund Curlingkanalen is a very professional outfit, and the word from those watching the webcasts back in Scotland has been very positive.

They have had a number of 'guest commentators' this week, including WCF President Les Harrison (see that news here). Harrison said, "Curlingkanalen has done a great job with limited resources and some WCF assistance and sponsorship to get the WJCCs on the air. It might be a somewhat limited audience, but they're certainly enthusiastic. We are very pleased they are providing coverage of this world championship."

Interesting to note that the WCF has provided some financial assistance!

Logan Gray made his debut as a commentator today - could this be the beginnings of a new career for the Stirling Area Curling Development Officer? He teamed up with Cathrine Lindahl (of the Anette Norberg team) to commentate on the Denmark - USA men's game. See the pic, above! I'm listening to them as I type this!

But the BIG news today is that an agreement has been made by Eurosport, LiveChannel and the World Curling Federation to broadcast the play-offs of the event. These begin on Saturday March 8 at 14.00 and finish with the final game on Sunday at 14.00. is where to find these webcasts. Currently the webcasts on Curlingkanalen are limited to around simultaneous 600 connections, because of cost considerations, but the agreement with Eurosport Sweden will open up the viewing to a much wider audience.

However, if STILL pics are OK for you, here are some recent from Bob:

The Curlingkanalen feed is being shown in the adjacent curling club which is being used to provide restaurant facilites and a recreation area.

At the controls.

A moose sighting?

This is the local museum. Hopefully I might get there later in the week!

By special request. You know who you are!

And here's another!

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