March 04, 2008

Tuesday Draw 4 wjcc08: Scotland and Denmark

It was a bizarre incident - a rare umpiring error - and it caused upset in the Scotland v Denmark match tonight. It occurred in the fourth end. A measure had been called. The umpire appeared to indicate that the shot was Scotland's even though it was clear to many, especially those watching on Curlingkanalen's webcast, that Denmark's stone was the shot. The Danes queried the awarding of the shot to Scotland, the Chief Umpire Mats Olofsson asked the umpire who had carried out the measure, and it was agreed that a mistake had been made. Denmark threw the first stone of a new end. As Scottish Coach Isobel Hannen objected, the game was stopped. Isobel remonstrated with the umpire as the team sat and waited.

The Chief Umpire's decision was to award the shot to Denmark, giving them a 4-1 lead.

Eve Muirhead, Kerry Barr, Vicki Adams and Sarah Macintyre hit back immediately with a fine two shots, and battled on. They stole in the ninth to tie the game.

In the tenth, Eve played an immaculate draw to the button around a Scottish counter at the front of the house. All Madeleine Dupont could try was the run back double, and this she made.

Into the extra, and Eve's last stone, a tap up on a Scottish counter in the eight foot. Line was good, but it picked and only moved the shot an inch or two. Dupont then found the four foot circle for the win.

As joint leaders Sweden were beaten too, the Scots have some consolation that they are still top of the table.

Mats Olofsson and Isobel Hannen

Scotland on a sit down strike!

Pics by Bob.

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Anonymous said...

"It was a bizarre incident - a rare umpiring error"

RARE!????! Dont't think so.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. A measure was overruled by a cam? Don't we all know that you should never trust the cams angel???

Bob Cowan said...

No, the umpire did not follow protocol and indicated the wrong shot after the measure.

Denmark stone was definitely the better.

Anonymous said...

Bob you omitted to report that the scots 1st stone of the 5th end was played before the hoo hah started. And should the end not have been replayed?

Anonymous said...

"indicated the wrong shot after the measure."

Nobody can be that dumb!

Anonymous said...

I was watching the broadcast and saw it happen. It was quite obvious from the measure that it was Denmark's shot, but for some reason the official pointed to the Scottish stone, indicating it shot. He corrected it afterwards verbally i guess, but the Scottish through the first stone based on the indication from the official.