March 14, 2008

Friday WSCC08: Scotland v Finland tiebreaker

Never mind the preamble, all you need to know is that Grame Adam drew the four foot in an extra end to beat Finland in a tiebreaker!

This means that Scotland's men are in the semifinal of the World Seniors here in Vierumaki (as are the girls, see previous post) and will play Canada tomorrow morning. USA will play Sweden in the other semi.

How did it happen? The Scots fought back after losing two against the head and going down 3-1 in the fifth. They got their two back in the sixth and then were gifted an extra shot when the Finnish fourth, Mauno Nummila, pushed a Scottish stone forward in the seventh. Two up playing the eighth, the Finns got their tying pair, after Graeme's first takeout failed to come enough and the teams traded hits on a second counter.

Extra end. The Scots lay two. Nummila played a delicate hit and roll behing the cover. But the four foot was clear, and without any fuss, the Scottish skip put it on the button with some great sweeping by the team.

Photo is of the Scottish team in action. Stuart Naismith has delivered and Alan MacLennan and Ken Horton are ready to sweep. Graeme Adam is in the head. By Bob.

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