March 11, 2008

World Mixed Doubles Tuesday: Scotland v Spain

The first raising of this banner! I am thrilled to say that the new Mixed Doubles is proving to be a real success. The players love it, and there is just so much to see in every match.

And it's very special that a fifteen year-old and a thirteen year old from Spain can give the Scottish team a hard time. Sergio Vez Labrador and Irantzu Garcia were 5-0 up on Dillan Perras and Judith Carr before the Scots fought back to win in the last end!

The handshakes at the end of the game.

Dillan Perras

Judith Carr

And this member of the team could not travel to Finland to support his Dad and Gran (this time)! Luke Morgan Perras was born just a week before the Championship began! Claire Perras is doing OK is the word from home. And for those who like such details, the new curler made first appearance on Sunday March 2, weighing in at 7 lb 1 oz, in Aberdeen Maternity.
Congratulations to parents and grandparents!

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