March 13, 2008

Wednesday wscc08: Scotland v England

Well, the battle against the 'Auld Enemy' saw Kirsty, Judy, Pat and Anne take two at the first. Kirsty played an excellent draw to the front of the house to lie three at the second, blocking the way to the button. That resulted in a stolen three and a 5-0 lead. And the game was over in six ends, the Scots well ahead.

With Japan and Ireland still to play in the nine game round robin, Scotland have won five games. The girls have a share of top spot in the rankings with Finland, Switzerland and Canada! Can they make the playoffs?

Find all the Seniors' results and standings here. There are also WCF reports here.

The photo is of the team out of uniform in their Braehead kit. Must admit the colour does it for me! Nice. L-R: Margaret Gibb, Anne MacDougall, Pat Orr, Judy Mackenzie and Kirsty Letton. Pic by Bob.

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