March 02, 2008

Sunday Selection: Photos from the World Junior Curling Championships

Yes, it is winter here in Ostersund! That's the curling club on the left, the arena in the background.

You don't have to go far to see mountains! These piles of snow are in the car park of the arena. No moose yet, though!

The Danish junior women's team provide some colour!

On a more serious note, Leif Ohman takes pride in his ice.

Olga and Liudmila, especially for all their fans at the Braehead rink!

"GLADIATORS READY!" The curling rink has been turned into a recreation area where the young curlers can relax. All sorts of amusements are on offer! The above took the Editor's fancy. Not sure that the teams will be rushing to try this - here being demonstrated by a couple of members of the Swedish Curling Academy. Actually, the gladiator on the left is the owner of the Warwick Smith top, mentioned yesterday. Now, the owner's face can be revealed!

And also the story of the Scotland top. It seems that at the Men's World Championship in Lowell a couple of years back, the youngsters from the Swedish Curling Academy became known for their enthusiastic support of their Swedish team. When Scotland got to the final, the group were 'persuaded' to switch their allegiance to the Murdoch team, which, of course, won. And Agnes Knochenhauer, well known for her own persuasiveness (according to her friends), became the proud owner of Warwick's top. And I'm sure Warwick will be pleased to learn that his old Scottish strip is still treasured so much. (Ed note: Not sure I believe a word of this, but it's a good story!)

Pics by Bob.

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