March 14, 2008

Friday wscc08: Scotland v Ireland

With four teams tied on 5-3 win-loss records, Scotland needed to win this one.

In the fourth end, Kirsty was short with her tap back, a dreadful shot it must be said. But when Fiona Turnbull failed to guard, the Scottish skip made up for her first with a cracker of a takeout, through the port, to count three shots and go ahead.

The Irish countered with a three of their own in the next end, the Scots a tying single in the sixth. The seventh was when the game was won and lost. Scotland lay three, bunched in the four foot. Fiona Turnbull's last stone caught a guard and Kirsty, Judy, Pat and Anne stole three.

It almost went wrong in the final end! Up 9-6 in the eighth without the hammer, the Scots were soon facing three. Kirsty switched to the draw game, played two match winning shots herself, and the game was won.

You can find the linescores and standings here.

So what happens now? Well, Canada topped the round robin with seven wins. Scotland, Switzerland, Finland and USA were all on six wins. The holders, Sweden, were out of the hunt this year, finishing on five wins.

Scotland was ranked second because the girls had beaten Finland, Switzerland and the USA, and is in the semifinal! The Draw Shot Challenge was used to rank the other three teams. Finland had the best DSC and is ranked third. USA has to play Switzerland in a tiebreaker to find the fourth semifinalist.

In tomorrow morning's semis, Canada plays the winner of the tiebreak, Scotland will face Finland.

Photo is of the final end, by Bob.

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