March 07, 2008

Friday 1 WJCC08: Scotland v Sweden

It was the Scots last game in the round robin, against Sweden who were already guaranteed a place in the playoffs. But the win would put them into the Page 1-2 game. It was to be the original team lineup that took to the ice (Glen Muirhhead, Scott Macleod, Scott Andrews and Gordon McDougall) but these four plus David Reid and coach Gordon Muirhead looked somewhat subdued as the team were presented before the game and 'Flower of Scotland' was played.

The game for the Scottish team was for pride. Regardless of the result we would be playing at the European Junior Challenge in Taarnby next January.

Oskar 'the Professor' Eriksson had a chance to get a three in the third, with his final stone tap back of an imperfect Muirhead freeze, but let the Scots off the hook and only got a single. The teams were tied 3-3 after six ends. But then the roof fell in. The Swedes took four in the seventh and the Scots offered the handshakes.

Top pic by Bob. More pics later. And I'll sort out the tiebreaker situation then.

All the results, linescores and standings can be found at

Anyway, the bottom line this morning is that Scotland's junior men will have to play in the European Junior Challenge at Taarnby, near Copenhagen, January 3-7, 2009. Just who our representatives will be in that will be decided in due course.

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