March 08, 2008

Saturday's on-ice selection

Oskar Eriksson skipped his team to the final of the World Junior Championship, beating Canada in the Page 1-2 game.

This was the Men's Page 3-4. USA beat Norway.

Chris Plys again. Now the US are against Canada in the semifinal.

Not a good day at the office as William Dion realises his side has lost to the USA in the semifinal!

Against Sweden in the Page 1-2. Kay Adams in the team!

Kerry sporting the colours!

It was indeed an uphill task for Eve in the Women's Page 1-2.

Canadian third Jenna Loder looks to see if a measure is needed in the Page 3-4 against Russia.

Timeout against Russia in the semifinal. Coach Isobel Hannen gives her tuppence worth!

Liudmila Privivkova beat Canada in the Women's Page 3-4, but lost to Scotland in the semifinal.

Eve in full voice in the semifinal!

The Scottish bench looks somewhat apprehensive in the final end of the semifinal! L-R: Isobel Hannen, Nancy Murdoch and Vicki Adams.

Sarah Macintyre makes a super tick shot in the final end!

Pics by Bob.

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Anonymous said...

Firstly congratulations to Eve and thegirls. Very well done!
Secondly ahuge thank you to you Bob for keeping all of us at home up to date with the competition and for the great photos.Thank you!
Are you off to Finland now?