March 30, 2008

Ford World Women's Curling Championship 19

Japan had made the final four at a World Championship for the first time, a few hours ago they lost a tight game to Canada, now they meet Switzerland in the bronze medal game. Japan had beaten Switzerland in the three/four playoff game could they do it again?

For six ends the answer was definitely no, five shots to Switzerland over ends three, four and five gave them a six shot lead, it looked as if the game was over.

But Japan had other ideas, after eight they had cut the lead to one shot. Switzerland tried to make two in the ninth but got only one, going into the final end two up without last stone.

Moe Meguro with her first stone attempted a draw, it barely touched a guard so rolled into the open, Mirjam Ott had a hit to run the Japanese out of stones, Switzerland won the bronze medal 9/7.

You can find all the linescores and statistics here.

Coverage of the final is available on CurlTV and Eurosport.

Mirjam Ott's photo is by Hugh Stewart.

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Anonymous said...

In prior years the loser of the Page 3-4 game was eliminated (as Canada's Jones was in 2005) and the loser of the semi-final game got the bronze medal.

This year, instead of getting the bronze, Japan was forced to replay Switzerland, the loser of the 3-4 game, only 3 hours after Japan had lost to Canada.

If they are going to have an extra game for the bronze medal, the game should be Sunday morning. This schedule was unfair to Japan.

It was clear, at least in the early part of their game against Switzerland, that they had not recovered mentally from their loss against Canada.

R. Keller