March 28, 2008

Ford World Women's Curling Championship 15

Switzerland took on Japan in the 3/4 playoff at the Ford World Women's Curling Championship in Vernon, British Columbia, this is the first time Japan has made the last four in 17 World Championships.

This is a page playoff system but there's a change to the rules this year, now pay attention, in recent years the loser of the 3/4 was out, the winner guaranteed at least a bronze. But this year there will be a bronze medal game. Got that?

My money and I suspect I suspect most people's money was on Switzerland, they won the round robin tie 9/6. But the Japanese came out firing on all cylinders, Switzerland was forced to take one with last stone in the first, Japan got two in the second when Swiss skip Mirjam Ott hit and rolled too far with her last stone, Japan drew for two. And it got worse for the Swiss, Japan stole three shots over the next three ends for a five shot lead after six. They wobbled a bit in ends eight and nine giving up three shots, Japan went into the last end one up with last stone. Once again they were making mistakes, Switzerland lay one but Miriam Ott's last stone to guard didn't draw enough, Moe Meguro for Japan had a hit and stick for one shot to win the game 6/4.

Tomorrow, or perhaps today GMT they will play the loser of the China Canada game. Switzerland can only wait to find out who they play in the bronze medal game.

You can find all the linescores and statistics here.

Playoff games are available on CurlTV. And Eurosport has coverage of the final games at Vernon.

The RCCC have a new statement on their website about the situation with the women's team. It says a full investigation about the circumstances and actions that led to three players being on the ice will be held next week. The investigation will be led by an independent lawyer who will advise the board on any action which should be taken.

You can read the full statement at here.

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