March 04, 2008

Tuesday Draw 3 WJCC08: Scotland beaten by Czech Republic

The Scottish camp is shocked with disappointment here in Ostersund. I can only imagine how the team must feel!

David Reid was substituted for Scott Macleod in an effort to revitalise the Muirhead team's fortunes in their match against the Czech Republic, who had not won a game so far. They too had made changes, sidelining their skip Krysof Chaloupek, and moving Michal Vojtus to skip with Jakub Bares playing the last stones.

The problem for the Scots was losing three shots in the first end. It took them the whole game to get back into contention, battling hard. They were just one shot behind playing the tenth. Glen set up a good end, but he left just enough of the Scottish stone (one of three lying) for the Czech to see and play a tap back for victory.

Three teams share the bottom rung of the standings on just one win, China, Czech Republic and Scotland.

Now the battle is on to stay in the top ten in World Juniors!

All the results, linescores and standings from the championship can be found at

Above: The team bring on Glen's last stone in the tenth end. Pic by Bob.

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