March 05, 2008

Wednesday Draw 1 WJCC08: Scotland v Canada

David Reid was back in the team at third to Glen Muirhead this morning. Scott Macleod moved down to second, Gordon McDougall stayed at lead, and Scott Andrews sat this one out.

Canada matches are always difficult games. The Scots got away to a good start with a two at the first. The game was tied at 3-3 after seven. A mistake saw Glen jam a Canadian counter when trying to clear in the eighth and Canada stole a single. The ninth was blanked.

One up without in the tenth, Canada's skip William Dion seemed happy to try to steal, left shots in front and lay two shots when Glen came to play his last - a draw to the tee through a port. It just didn't come enough, and scraped the guard. Canada stole the end and the game.

Now. What's ahead? Scotland's men have Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden still to play. They must finish in front of two European teams if we are not to be relegated. It's going to be tough.

All the results, linescores and standings from the championship can be found at

Team Scotland in action! Interesting thought. These four curlers have probably never before played together in this lineup!

William Dion and Glen Muirhead

Pics by Bob.

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Anonymous said...

hi, great blog, is there any chance of a photo of the scottish surporters out in Sweden ? PLeeease