March 07, 2008

Friday in Ostersund

It's a moose! (Sorry Sheila!)

Whose front is this?

I've been bowled over by the stamina and strength of the Scottish support this week. Gold medals for all. Yesterday another batch (above) arrived! Two gold medallists from last year included. Can you pick them out?

Obligatory Lucy pic for her fan club. Did I tell you how her coach Olga saved me from a nasty accident this evening, when I slipped on the ice getting out of the mini bus? She thinks that the new junior teams she has coming along behind Liudmila will be even better than she is. Actually, if Eve and her team have a poor day tomorrow, I can see the Russians winning this thing. (There, that's put the Scottish Curler kiss of death on them!)

Did I mention the Scottish Curler? All being well the March magazine is now out, and in the post shortly to subscribers.

Girls' coach Isobel Hannen tries to raise spirits during the boys' game with a 'flag' run. Either that or she's acting the hare as Sarah Macintyre does her morning five mile workout!

He has a collection of headgear. See, curling can be a colourful game!! The US junior men haven't won a medal in a while. They could certainly do so this week.

Remember yesterday's pic of the 'undercover' webcast of the US games? The WCF moved quickly and asked for it to be shut down. Interesting precedent, of course. It seems that one of the reasons for doing the webcast was to provide coverage for one of the parents of the US team who was too ill to travel. I am still gobsmacked that this can be done so easily, as indeed David Edwards and the Mitchell brothers have shown in Scotland. Anyway, the site (here) is still running as I write this, showing previously recorded footage, and a banner explaining that live coverage has been shut down.

Picnic at half time!

Swiss socks. Please don't ask me the next question!

Two guests at the excellent VIP dinner hosted by the Local Organising Committee were Anette Norberg and Peja Lindholm. They took turns in asking each other questions. Very funny. "Peja, why have you stopped curling," asked Anette.

Now, a bit of respect, please. This is the nearest I've got to my moose. Yes, served at tonight's dinner were MOOSE PATTIES. Actually they tasted rather nice, as did all the other things on offer. But I wonder if I'm ever going to find my real moose, to go cuddling with. Time is running out. Pics by Bob.

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