March 05, 2008

A day in the life of a World Junior Championship

William Dion's Canadian side are qualified for the semifinals!

Today I met Birger, Nessie's nephew!

"Please miss, may I go to the little girls' room?" Kerry Barr.

What is umpire Leslie Ingram-Brown doing with this stone in the middle of a game? It's not working! Apparently they have run out of the special batteries for the Eye on the Hog handles. And they are very expensive, and don't last very long!

This futuristic tower is filled with 26 million litres of hot water - a big thermos flask to store heat from the city of Ostersund's power plant which uses biofuel to produce heat and power. When demand for electricity is high, the production of the heating plant is increased and excess heat is saved in the water tank. Clever people these Swedes. There's a super restaurant and cafe, art gallery and function centre on the top of the tower and slendid views over the city!

Curling Today is nothing if not educational!

The view from the top.

This was last night:

"The WCF are considering extending the Free Guard Zone rule to take in the first eight stones played."

"It really made me feel nostalgic for the early 80s."

"Curling used to be such an exciting game."

"One more blank end and we have to send out for more 0s."

"Moose cuddling is infinitely more exciting."

Your turn.

Scottish supporters are a big hit on the streets! The Barrs.

"One of our pussies is missing."

Wrong kind of moose. But we are ever hopeful. Still looking.

Pics by Bob.

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