March 30, 2008

Ford World Women's Curling Championship 18

The Royal Caledonian Curling Club has updated its statement about the situation with the Scottish team at the Ford World Women's Curling Championship in British Columbia making three points.

1. The Scottish skip was dropped for performance reasons.

2. The national coach decided to play with three players.

3. The national coach did not ask the Scottish skip to return to the ice.


Anonymous said...

So, what does this now mean to the credibility of our national coach. No longer can we believe anything that he says. If this were politics there would be cries from the opposition bench for his resignition.

Anonymous said...

Why has the National Coach got so much power over a team that has had NO recognition from the RCCC until after the Gold League Finals. This team got to the Worlds on merit and did not need a "coach" to achive this. It is time for the RCCC to look at how they provide support to the teams rather than provide them with "free loaders".

Anonymous said...

You need only to look hiow close some of the games were, the scores in a few oif these games could have gone Scotlands way. Well done to Gail and her team in the efforts they put in over the season and hopefully we will see you at the worlds in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I like the bit about the "national coach decided to play with three players" Is it not the truth Lyndsay told him she was out there to play with Gail, drop one and you drop the other? he was only left with three, and I believe he did try and back track on his decision.

Haraldur (Halli) Ingólfsson said...

Funny how many write their comments as anonymous.

A team, a coach, an association which shows up on the ice with only three players without the two others being sick or injured should be punished by the WCF. The points Scotland earned by their three wins should be erased. How it happened is another story and irrelevant for others than Scottish curlers.

Anonymous said...

The national coach should resign.
It was the skip that got them to the worlds in the first place,
not the coach.If the players were
receiving a salary like pro sports,
then I would agree with him.But
that was not the case.

Anonymous said...

Haraldur (Halli) Ingólfsson - if there was anything wrong or 'funny' about leaving anonymous comments, it wouldn't be there as one of the four options. I presume you're suggesting that your point somehow has greater valdity because we know your name, but I can't quite see that myself.

I don't actually know what the WCF rules say about this particular scenario, but as it was never a secret that there was no sickness/injury preventing Scotland fielding four players, presumably if any rules had been broken, it would have been announced straight away that Scotland had forfeited the final two games. As that hasn't happened, I can only assume your reading of the rules is wrong, or that you're trying to make up new rules as you go along. You also seem to be suggesting Scotland should forfeit the opening win against Russia, which is bizarre to say the least.