March 13, 2008

Thursday wscc08: Scotland v Japan

Scotland played Japan this afternoon with a good chance of reaching the semifinals by finishing in the top four.

Kirsty, Judy, Pat and Anne took a fine three at the second to go ahead 3-2, Kirsty hitting and staying with her last stone of the end.

It was tied in the sixth, but the Japanese got a well hidden counter in the penultimate end, and Kirsty was inches heavy with her draw. Down 7-6 in the eighth, Kirsty was too light with her first attempted draw, and then when Eriko Igarashi drew in to lie shot, the Scottish skip was tight with her last takeout and wrecked. Japan stole the end and the game.

Find all the Seniors' results and standings here. There are also WCF reports here.

Pic of Kirsty by Bob.

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