March 08, 2008

Page games in Ostersund

Scotland played Sweden in the Page 1-2 game at the World Junior Curling Championships today. Kay Adams, the fifth player, stepped in to the team in place of her younger sister Vicki, who had hurt herself in a fall yesterday.

What a game it was! Swedish skip Cissi Ostlund had the game of her life! She played an angled-raise for two in the fourth, and double takeouts of Scottish stones seemed to be her speciality. The Swedes were 3-2 ahead at the break.

Eve faced three Swedish counters in the seventh. She slipped by the shot stone and that was a steal for Sweden.

Playing the eighth, 5-2 down, the Scots were trying all they could to get something going. But on the day the Swedes were too strong, and when Eve came up just short and conceded the three shots, they decided enough was enough and offered the handshakes.

The girls will now play Russia who beat Canada in the Page 3-4 game. The winner of that, tonight, will be in the final against Sweden tomorrow. A second chance, if the girls can regroup quickly enough.

In the men's event Sweden beat Canada in the Page 1-2 to go into the final. USA beat Norway in the 3-4 match, and will go up against the Canadians tonight in the 'semifinal'.

Pics later. All the results, linescores and standings from the event can be found at And you might find the WCF reports interesting to read too. Go here.

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