March 13, 2008

Mixed Doubles: Thursday review

Dillan Perras and Judith Carr finished their World Mixed Doubles campaign on three wins and four losses. This morning's last round robin game was not one to be remembered. They were grannied by the Czech Republic! But such is the nature of this new competition. Anything can happen. It needs new skills. But make no mistake, it is great fun to play and very interesting to watch. Mixed Doubles is here to stay.

The teams have been invited to a meeting with WCF representatives tomorrow to discuss the way ahead for this championship and if there needs to be any tweaking of the rules.

So where are we in the event? There were three sections with eight teams in each. The top qualifiers in two of the sections were Norway (yet to lose a game) and Switzerland. In the third section three teams were tied with 5-2 records: Sweden, Hungary and Canada. Sweden went through on ranking - the Draw Shot Challenge distance was used as they all beaten each other. A tiebreaker is now necessary between Canada and Hungary to decide the second placed team in this section.

The winner of the Canada-Hungary game then has to play off with the other two second placed teams (Finland and Czech Republic) to get one more team for the playoffs. These three teams will be ranked with the Draw Shot Challenge. The two with the worse DSC will play and the winner of that game goes forward to play the team with the best DSC.

The way that the semis are lined up are:
Norway v Switzerland
Sweden v the qualifier

I hope that is clear? My head does hurt a little from trying to work it all out. I may be wrong. Perhaps you might like to keep up with it all on the results page here.

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