March 12, 2008

Wednesday WSCC08: Scotland v Ireland

It would have been nice to stay in my bed this morning! All these long days are taking their toll on the old body. But there was an 08.00 draw, so I struggled out of my pit, had a lovely breakfast (did I say that the food here at this Finnish National Sports Centre is absolutely first class?) and made it to the first end.

Alan MacLennan was on the ice for Scotland, looking much fitter than yesterday and (almost) back to his normal colour, on his way to recovery from the bug that has swept through the Seniors teams, as well as the those competing in the Mixed Doubles. Stuart Naismith, Ken Horton and Graeme Adam looked to be in top form too.

Certainly they were in the first! Cashing in on Irish errors, Graeme had a free draw for five with his last stone, and he made this. Up 5-0 in only the first end, it was going to be a short game.

The organisers are concerned about the spread of this sickness/diarrhoea that is prevalent at the events. The Norwegian team had to abandon their game against the USA this morning, and all teams have been issued with an antiseptic handwash, and the advice to consider not shaking hands!

So, if Curling Today disappears for a while, you'll know I've been struck down!

Find all the Seniors' results and standings here.

Ken Horton whips the front end! Alan MacLennan and Stuart Naismith are the sweepers. Pic by Bob.

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