March 06, 2008

No moose today

Now consider. Daniela here (who is one of the drivers - and indeed a junior rally champion, to judge from my trip to the rink this morning - the transport arrangements have been great BTW) was in the Swedish junior ladies' team which tried unsuccesfully to qualify for the Worlds, after Scotland beat Sweden in the relegation game two years ago. Sweden are in this year's event because they are the host nation, and Cissi Ostlund's team are top of the standings. Go figure. Is it too late for Scotland to bid for the 2010 World Juniors, just in case?

Yes, there was a measure in the Scotland v Russia game today, after yesterday's fiasco! Two umpires carried it out, one acting as an observer. Charlie Kapp here was very careful. He pushes the stone away, and then he turned to point to the red one and said clearly that it was shot.

Oops, how did this pic get here?

I'm not sure exactly who Eve is throwing kisses at, but this is Kate, the Russian third player (sometimes). "What lovely eyes you've got," said the wolf to Little Red Riding Hood.

This is Sara Carlsson on the Swedish team. If you recognise her it's because she played in a number of competitions at Braehead and at Greenacres when she was studying in Scotland last year. Her English is excellent, but she now has a definite Scottish accent!

Now, this gentleman has caused all sorts of behind the scenes activity. He is a US fan and is actively webcasting the US games with a small camera and a laptop computer. It is absolutely amazing. But is it legal? Especially with curlingkanalen doing similar, but on a somewhat larger scale, officially. This is one for discussion on the Scottish Curling Forum, which has a long thread on webcasting.

This is the website: Pics on the left, chat room on the right. This story I predict is set to run. More to follow if I hear anything.

Cissi Ostlund has been getting lessons from Eve Muirhead but seems here to be having difficulty with her fingering on her chanter.

Nearest I could find to a moose today, (lovely lady really), but I've not given up hope. Maybe at the losers' party tomorrow!

Pics by Bob.


Gramacho83F said...

Quote from the story about Sara Carlsson: "Her English is excellent, but she now has a definite Scottish accent!"

Do you not mean "AND" as opposed to "BUT"?

Alex Salmond
New Curling Fan and sometime First Minister!

Tom said...

why are so many curling women so hott