March 13, 2008

Thursday WSCC08: Scotland v England

It was the Scottish men's turn to face England in this evening's last round robin game. USA, Finland and Scotland were all on one loss going into this round.

Graeme Adam and John Brown, who plays last stones for Michael Sutherland's English side, were together as Scottish Schools Champions, a looooooooooooooooong time ago. Here they were against each other now, in the World Seniors.

It was the Adam team which appeared to pick up on the swingy ice the better and in the third end engineered a good three shots. Another three at the fifth saw them safely on their way, and three more at the sixth meant that Scotland was still in the hunt for a semifinal place.

Now, what follows has not been confirmed yet, but this is the way I see it. USA and Finland also won their games, so that has meant a three way tie for the top spot in the section. All had beaten each other (if you know what I mean) so the team with the best Draw Shot Challenge (USA) goes through as top qualifier, and Scotland has to play Finland in a tiebreaker tomorrow. The winner of that one will play Canada in the semi.

The red section is already completed. Canada were undefeated in eight games - Pat Ryan's side look strong. Sweden lost only one game, to the Canadians.

All the results and standings are here.

The pic of John and Graeme is by Bob.

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