March 26, 2008

Ford World Women's Curling Championship 9

Game eight at the Ford World Women's Curling Championship in Vernon, British Columbia and Team Scotland met Canada, the home team with the crowd right behind them and on a record of seven wins and one loss.

Scotland had last stone and blanked the opening end, picking up two in end two. In the third Canada lay three, Gail Munro was heavy with her draw, Canada had a shot for a four score. The Scots stuck with it, they were unlucky in the fifth, they looked like stealing but Jennifer Jones barely scraped by a guard to get the shot. End six they had a hit and stick for two to tie the score.

One down going down the ninth they were forced to take a single to go into the final end without last stone, Canada lay two, Gail tried a very difficult hit but just rubbed off the shot stones, Canada won the game 8/6

Tonight the Scots take on Japan.

And in this afternoon's draw China suffered their first defeat at the hands of Switzerland.

You can find all the linescores and statistics here. The webstreaming coverage of the WWCC2008 that is available to viewers in Europe, Japan, the United States and Canada is listed at: This, of course, is in addition to the TV coverage available, some of which (Eurosport and NHK Japan) is listed here:

Pic of Gail Munro and Jennifer Jones is by Hugh Stewart.

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