March 03, 2008

Monday's Mission: Through the lens

Now, if I have the family tree correct, Storsie (the Ostersund monster) is Nessie's sister, and Birger here is Storsie's son, that means that Birger is Nessie's nephew?

You just cannot take these fans anywhere!

Help ma Boab, it's a moose!

Great to see the girls supporting the boys last night. Smart earwarmers too!

They are using the Curltime system here at Ostersund. I like it.

Volunteer timekeeper

Chinese timeout

Here the clocks superimpose on the game times, the countdown of the seconds remaining on the timeout. Clever, eh?

USA skip Chris Plys. Bling bling!

Jim Law is forwarding reports to the Royal Club website here.

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