March 04, 2008

Tuesday Draw 2 wjcc08: Scotland v Canada

Taking on the Canadian teams is never easy. Kaitlyn Lawes' side had begun the event hesitantly, but they snatched a fourth round win against Denmark last night, and started confidently against the Scots in today's matchup.

Eve Muirhead, Kerry Barr, Vicki Adams and Sarah Macintyre were well up to take them on. They took two at the first, forced the Canadians to take a single at the second, and then gave up two singles against the head. Eve drew against three in the sixth and the score was 3-3.

The Scots stole in the seventh, and Canada tied up the game in the eighth. Eve had the Canadians in all sorts of trouble in the ninth. She forced Lawes to try a freeze on one of two Scottish counters, and when the Canadian skip left it open, she hit perfectly for three, and a 7-4 lead into the last end.

Keeping things clear was all the girls had to do in the tenth, and it was mission accomplished! Scotland share top place in the standings with Sweden!

Eve and Kerry watch as Canadian third Jenna Loder encourages her sweepers. Pic by Bob.

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