March 30, 2008

Ford World Women's Curling Championship final

Yes folks, this is my last blog from the Ford World Women's Curling Championship in Vernon, British Columbia.

Canada and China faced each other for the third time this Championship. The score so far was 2/0 to China, Canada had plenty of support, 3,004 people had jammed into the stadium including 200 standing fans.

Canada didn't want to lose in front of such a crowd, Chinese skip Bingyu Wang was forced to take a single in the first end then gave up three in the second. China were going to have to work hard to get back into the game. They got back to within one shot after five ends, Canada blanked the sixth and scored two in the seventh with a raised takeout from skip Jennifer Jones.

Canada still led by three going into the final end, they ran China out of stones to win the title 7/4.

It was a great championship for China, it's the first time a Pacific region country has got medals, the crowd loved them, watch out for China in the next few years.

Mirjam Ott from Switzerland had got the bronze medal and she won the Frances Brodie sportsmanship award.

So it's over and out from Vernon, it's been a difficult week at times but overall a great championship.

It's goodbye from Jennifer Jones.

It's goodbye from Bingyu Wang.

And it's goodbye from Vernon.

Pics by Hugh Stewart


dramma said...

Thank you for a job well done....yours was the 1st blog I went to after the last game of the day....WELL DONE !!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us updated with the championships.You will be looking forward to the summer break! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Christine, you kept us well informed and (thankfully) amused along the way, which was more than needed. May the problems now be sorted out and then put behind so that the new season begins on the right foot.