March 06, 2008

Thursday Draw 2 WJCC08: Scotland v Switzerland

They say that it doesn't matter, that Scotland are relegated whatever happens in the last two games. But I'm sure this game DID matter to Glen Muirhead, Scott Macleod, David Reid (who held the brush for his skip's stones) and Scott Andrews. They faced the Swiss, in second place in the rankings, who were looking for the win to get into the playoffs.

Good game it was too. Key was the fifth. It was well set up, and when Manuel Ruch failed to clear with his last, Glen had a straightforward draw for three shots and a 4-2 lead.

They were one ahead playing the tenth. With his last stone, the Swiss skip, declining the option of a takeout, left his draw shot short, and the game was Scotland's!

All the results, linescores and standings can be found at

Manuel Ruch and Glen Muirhead in the head. Pic by Bob.

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