October 15, 2008

Lockerbie gets a lift

Wheels on the ice are a common sight in rinks up and down the country these days. Lockerbie Wheelchair Curling Club has a regular session each week, and some new recruits were on the ice at the South of Scotland rink last night.

Area Development Officer Marion Murdoch is the driving force.

The reason for this post is to highlight the rink's new lift, to allow disabled access to the bar and viewing area. The lift was installed as part of the recently completed rink improvements (story here), part funded by sportscotland. A new refrigeration plant and rink lighting were installed over the summer. This is Mary Bell, a member of the Lockerbie Wheelchair Curling Club.

Mary on the ice with helper Ilene Broatch.

Photos by Bob.


Chattyartist said...

Hi Bob,
Just logged in to your blogspot, was really great to meet you on Tuesday, The photos look great (especially the ones on the Ice.) Having read the magazine it was really good to read about what was happening up and down the country... Although I am just a beginner to the sport, I find I have discovered within myself a real passion and excitement for it and hope to be playing for a long time yet. I always wanted to play curling (when I was able-bodied, but as a teacher and a mum of two young boys then, time did not allow) however now I a making up for it. Once again really nice to have met you, thanks again for your encouragement take care and keep on keeping on...
Best Mary B

Anonymous said...

It is always encouraging to read of improvements like this. I have helped coach wheelchair curling for the past 4 years at the Ogden Legion Curling Club in Calgary, Alberta Canada, and we have seen the Legion come up with similar improvements to the lift,adding power doors, doorway ramps and a ramp to the ice area. It is always wonderful when you find a "home aeay from home" like these 2 facilities.
Catch me at riverstroggy@shaw.ca