October 16, 2008

Edinburgh International update

There seems to be a real buzz this season about the three WCT-e events in Scotland. There's the Glynhill Ladies International at Braehead, the lone women's competition. Then there's the well established Ramada Perth Masters. I had a post about this event recently here, and the draw for this event has now been made, see the event website.

And today in my messages is the news that Trevor Dodds, chair of the organising committee, has announced that the draw for the Edinburgh International, sponsored by Belhaven Best, is now available. It can be downloaded as a pdf file here. The event is November 28-30.

I mentioned on Monday that there are well advanced plans to webcast some of the games at Murrayfield. So far, Keith MacLennan, Mairi Milne, Bob Kelly and Robin Copland have volunteered to act as commentators! I love it. There's bound to be some humour. Anyone who knows Copey when he gets into his stride must really be anticipating the banter, as much as the curling!

"Well Mairi, what do you think of this young Swedish team? Anyone you fancy?" "Keith, you've been training in Norway recently, what do you think of the country? I hear beer's expensive there."

Bob Kelly will keep them all right, after all he's served his apprenticeship alongside Richard Vaughan on Eurosport, so he'll have the bases covered!

Sweden's Niklas Edin is being talked about as the successor to the great Peja Lindholm. The draw sees him match up against David Edwards in a first round game at 09.30 on Friday, November 28. David Murdoch is in that section too. Team Murdoch plays the Swedes on the Saturday evening. Pic by Bob.

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