October 31, 2008

Swedes are here

The seventeen strong Swedish Ladies touring party arrived in Scotland yesterday, played at Stranraer this morning, and against Kelso at Lockerbie this afternoon. Tomorrow, Saturday, they play two sessions at Lockerbie, against Lockerbie, then against Lanarkshire.

Sunday sees the tourists at Braehead to play against Greenacres and Waterfront, and then against the local curlers at that rink. On Monday they have another game at Braehead against teams from Ayr and Galleon. In the afternoon they are against Stirling at Stirling.

Wednesday it's against Perth at Perth, and then they meet Inverness and Atholl also at the Dewars Centre. It's on up to Aberdeen to play against local teams and then against curlers from Forfar and Kirkcaldy.

Next Friday it's against Kinross at Kinross and the tour winds up at Murrayfield to play the local teams there. The closing dinner is at the Braid Hills Hotel.

Stamina, that's the word I'm looking for!

The tourists arrive at Lockerbie after their journey from Stanraer.

A warm welcome.

Emma Harkness of the RBLS Annan Juvenile Pipe Band leads the Kelso and Swedish teams on to the ice at the Lockerbie rink.

Sweden's Inga Arfwidsson.

Kelso's Violet Reid.

Karin Osterberg and Monica Mabergs discuss options.

Pics by Bob.

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